LYP Consulting

LYP stands for Live Your Passion. I started LYP Consulting in April 2010 to support clients who were approaching me for marketing services. LYP is based in Framingham MA, however, virtual services are also available.

LYP specializes in helping companies with market research, developing and maintaining compelling, effective customer communication strategies and marketing deliverables that encompass everything from websites and social media to print collateral.


Meet Me

My name is Rochelle Santos. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and homeowner. I am a planner and also spontaneous; passionate about life, especially when it comes to family, eating, traveling, new experiences, working, writing, reading, music, and cooking.
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I work all angles of the product life-cycle and see my projects through from start to finish. I organize vast amounts of information and present it in various formats. Creating awareness for brands, products, and services is something I enjoy. I measure my success by accomplishing goals.
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