Hire Me

I work all angles of the product life-cycle and see my projects through from start to finish. I organize vast amounts of information and present it in various formats. Creating awareness for brands, products, and services is something I enjoy. I measure my success by accomplishing goals.

As a Product Manager I am behind the scenes planning, building and maintaining web properties. I start by assessing the needs of end users and dive into market research. I cover all angles from website audits to feature development documentation; from pre-launch to post-launch – complete with training, communication, marketing, and collecting user feedback.  I monitor the use and utilization of the websites by tracking growth and analyzing statistics.

As a Social Media Marketer, I will utilize objectives to create a targeted campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, and/or YouTube. I can run organic campaigns or paid, depending on the channel. I will propose a variety of ad units and help execute creative assets as well as optimize the campaigns and report on performance.

As a Marketing Manager, I generate and maintain relationships with businesses who share a common audience. I can organize low-to-no cost promotion exchanges or allocate funds to purchase targeted media. I work with designers to create compelling banner ads, landing pages, and other creative content. I can generate contest/sweepstakes ideas, document the user-flow, and review stats to determine the value of promotion.

As a Marketing Consultant, I provide market research, results, and guidance towards building and marketing websites for companies in various industries. Previous clients are companies in the Music Industry, Retail, and the Health and Wellness Industry. I strategically organize, manage, and/or create content and can assist in the implementation of new processes for more effective outcomes.

As a General Manager, I can oversee people or offices – handling corporate accounts, invoices, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and setting up travel. I know how to recruit talent, hold interviews, and am selective on who joins my team. I delegate tasks and share the wealth of knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the working world.